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D&Z art sculpture is a leader manufacturer for large metal sculpture projects, we have our design team of CAD, 3D drawing and clay mold.. we can design art landscape designs depends on your decor theme, also can finish manufacturer with your high appreciated.. include delivery to your site and install in your country.

As for we have more than 30 years of full experience with large metal projects, full projects success cases, and installation videos, contact our team for reference.


About Company
About Company

Design team

CAD/3D drawing

Which kind of theme project you plan to make, just describe to us, we will design full CAD and 3D effect drawing for your reference, also we have 3000+ details projects for your reference.

About Company

Artist team

create the clay mold and carving foam mold

If you have your own 3D mold, CAD or samples, send to us, we can use directly to create your designs with stainless steel material or other metal materials..

About Company

Sales team

Maketing services

For each sculpture project if you need detailed quotations, contact our sales team, we will calculate the detailed projects quotations for your reference, 7*24 hours services to you.

About Company

Engineer team

Control large projects

Each project from produce drawing, manufacturer, installations , all my engineer team control..

About Company

Aftersales team

projects shipment and maintine

If your projects have any problems or need delivery to your door, contact us, we have professional team service to you directly.

D&Z art sculpture soul

Design and create more and more art projects, landscape more and more different city all over the world, bring the beauty and power to this world, love all of you the same love myself..

Our Advantages

Free CAD and 3D effect drawing before produce and free installation drawing when finished sculptures project.


We can provide you competitive and detailed quotations for each large sculpture project directly, we are direct factory.


Directly Factory

For each sculptures projects, we can guarantee more than 30 years and maintain a lifetime.

Aftersales team

one step services

Door to door delivery for each stainless steel sculptures, no matter small or bigger, we all can help you arrange the delivery to your door, as for we have cooperated with lots large shipment and international delivery company long years.

Sales team

shipment and delivery

Special the large stainless steel sculpture projects, our engineer team can come to your country to guide installation..

Engineer team

Professional and easy intallation

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